Mid Devon Branch

2020 Events

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Sat 1111:00-12:30Branch Centenary EventUpton
Sat 1114:15Branch Centenary EventCockington
Sat 1114:30-16:30Ringing On Higher Numbers - Grandsire Caters and BeyondWithycombe Raleigh
Sat 18Guild General Committee Meeting
Sat 1810:30-12:30Guild Library OpenSt Petrock's, Exeter
Sun 1914:30-16:00How to Learn Methods - Theory workshopExeter
Sat 119:00Branch PracticeNewton Abbott Clock Tower
Sat 1515:00-17:00Guild Library OpenSt Petrock's, Exeter
Sun 1614:30-16:00Conducting and Coursing Orders - Theory workshop
Mon 1719:306 bell PracticeStokeinteignhead
Sat 709:30Branch Training - Striking and Basic TheorySt Marychurch, Torquay
Fri 1319:458-bell PracticeKingskerswell
Sat 2115:00-17:00Guild Library Open CANCELLEDSt Petrock's, Exeter
Sun 2214:30-16:00Judging a Striking Competition - Theory workshop
Sat 2810:00-12:00Yellow Pathway: Focused PracticePlympton St Maurice
Sat 410:00-16:00Raising and Lowering in Peal
Sat 419:00Branch PracticeUgborough
Thu 2319:30Surprise Minor PracticeCoffinswell
Sat 2510:00Devon Ringers' Council Competitions - CANCELLEDAxminster, Honiton & Dalwood
Mon 2721:00-22:00Post practice virtual pint and pub quizThe Internet Arms, Buckerell
Wed 2920:00-22:00Virtual drop-inThe Internet Arms
Fri 119:30-20:30Surprise Minor - theory sessionThe Internet Arms, Buckerell
Sat 220:00-22:00Virtual drop-inThe Internet Arms
Mon 421:00-22:00From First to Last : international bellringing touristsThe Internet Arms
Tue 520:00-21:00Yellow Pathway: theory sessionThe Internet Arms
Wed 620:00-22:00Introduction to ringingroom and virtual drop-inThe Internet Arms
Sat 918:00Branch PracticeCornworthy & Dittisham
Sat 920:00-22:00Virtual drop-inThe Internet Arms
Mon 1121:00-22:30Post practice virtual pint and pub quizThe Internet Arms
Thu 1410:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Mon 1821:00-22:30Post practice pint and "Where's that Tower" photo quizThe Internet Arms
Tue 1919:008-bell PracticeTeignmouth
Thu 2110:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Sat 2320:00-22:00Virtual tour to Boston, MassacusettsThe Internet Arms
Mon 2521:00-22:30Bells and Bellringing through the ages: the public's perspecThe Internet Arms
Thu 2810:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Fri 2919:30-20:45Virtual Surprise Minor practiceThe Internet Arms, Buckerell
Sat 3010:00-12:00Yellow Pathway: Focused Practice
Mon 121:00-22:30Mount Everest : an illustrated talk by Pete EllisThe Internet Arms
Thu 410:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Sat 609:30Branch Training - Basic MethodsStokeinteignhead
Sun 714:30-16:30Introduction to Change Ringing on HandbellsDawlish
Mon 821:00-22:30An evening with Simon Linford, President of the Central CounThe Internet Arms
Thu 1110:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Mon 1521:00-22:30Finding the music in bellringingThe Internet Arms
Thu 1810:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Thu 1819:306 bell PracticeIdeford
Mon 2221:00-22:30Ringing at Westminster AbbeyThe Internet Arms
Thu 2510:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Sat 27Annual General Meeting and FestivalEast branch
Mon 2921:00-22:30Post practice pint and pub quizThe Internet Arms
Thu 210:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Sat 4Branch Mini OutingTorrington/Hatherleigh area
Mon 621:00-22:30Central Council Rolls of Honour : a short explorationThe Internet Arms
Thu 910:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Sat 1114:30-16:30Ringing On Higher Numbers - Grandsire Caters and BeyondSidmouth
Mon 1321:00-22:30Matthew Higby - Church Bell EngineerThe Internet Arms
Thu 1610:30-12:00RingingRoom virtual practiceRingingRoom
Fri 1719:308-bell PracticeBovey Tracey
Sat 2510:00-12:00Yellow Pathway: Focused Practice
Sat 809:15-17:00ART Training Scheme - Module 1 (Teaching Bellhandling)TBC
Sat 819:0010 bell joint practice with SW BranchSt Marychurch, Torquay
Thu 2019:30Surprise Minor PracticeBickington
Sat 509:30Branch training - Raising and loweringEast Ogwell
Wed 1619:308-bell PracticeDawlish
Sat 2610:00-12:00Yellow Pathway: Focused Practice
Sat 3Branch OutingDorset
Sat 1010:00-16:00Raising and Lowering in Peal
Fri 16Ringing Festival (until 1 November)
Fri 1619:306 bell PracticeChurston Ferrers
Sat 17Striking CompetitionsAylesbeare branch
Sat 2409:15-17:00ART Training Scheme - Module 2F (Tchg Rounds to P hunt)TBC
Thu 1219:308-bell PracticeHighweek
Sat 1415:00Branch AGMKingskerswell
Sat 2810:00-12:00Yellow Pathway: Focused Practice
Sat 1215:00Devon Ringers Carol ServiceBarnstaple Parish Church