This is an alphabetical list of all towers affiliated to the Guild of Devonshire Ringers.

A complete list of all Devon towers is available on the Devon Bells website or you can purchase a copy of The Bells of Devon Directory which contains contact details for all churches with bells in Devon.

AbbotskerswellBlessed Virgin Mary610-0-0 Mid Devon
AwliscombeS Michael & All Angels619-2-0TuesdayEast
AxminsterS Mary1023-1-15MondayEast
AylesbeareBlessed Virgin Mary611-2-0 Aylesbeare
BabbacombeAll Saints813-0-26WednesdayMid Devon
BamptonS Michael & All Angels614-0-3ThursdayNorth East
Bere FerrersS Andrews67-3-24 South West
Berry PomeroyS Mary814-3-0MondayMid Devon
BickleighS Mary68-1-14 North East
BishopsteigntonSt John the Baptist69-0-2ThursdayMid Devon
Black TorringtonS Mary68-3-9 North/North West
BondleighS James the Apostle49-0-0SaturdayExeter
Bovey TraceySS Peter, Paul & Thomas of Canterbury814-2-26MondayMid Devon
Brampford SpekeS Peter66-1-16 Exeter
Bratton FlemingS Peter614-2-0FridayNorth/North West
BrauntonS Brannock816-0-25 North/North West
BrentorSt Michael de Rupe55-2-22SaturdaySouth West
BridestoweSt Bridget613-0-15FridaySouth West
BridgeruleS Bridget810-1-21MondayNorth/North West
BrixhamS Mary1017-0-4ThursdayMid Devon
BroadclystS John Baptist820-0-25 Aylesbeare
BroadhemburyS Andrew620-0-8ThursdayEast
BuckerellSS Mary & Giles68-0-27TuesdayEast
BurlescombeS Mary615-0-1 North East
CadburySt Michael & All Angels612-0-0TuesdayNorth East
CadeleighSt Bartholomew610 cwtTuesdayNorth East
CharletonS Mary69-2-13 South West
Cheriton FitzpaineSt Matthew613-1-10 North East
Clyst HonitonS Michael & All Angels818-2-11 Aylesbeare
Clyst St GeorgeS George610-2-21 Aylesbeare
CoffinswellS Bartholomew611-0-5WednesdayMid Devon
ColytonS Andrew824-3-16ThursdayEast
Combe MartinS Peter ad Vincula810-0-21ThursdayNorth/North West
Combe RaleighS Nicholas65-2-19MondayEast
CornwoodS Michael & All Angels69-3-12 cwt South West
CotleighS Michael & All Angels67-2-0 approxMondayEast
CreditonHoly Cross1226-2-23TuesdayExeter
Cruwys MorchardHoly Cross612-0-24MondayNorth East
CullomptonS Andrew1019-2-4MondayNorth East
CulmstockAll Saints819-0-0 approxFridayNorth East
DawlishS Gregory the Great811-2-21WednesdayMid Devon
DunkeswellS Nicholas66-1-24ThursdayEast
ExeterCathedral Church of S Peter1272-2-2MondayExeter
ExeterS David811-2-23WednesdayExeter
ExeterS Mark1012-1-19WednesdayExeter
ExeterS Petrock65-0-0 Exeter
ExeterS Thomas Apostle814-3-8ThursdayExeter
Exeter, HeavitreeS Michael and All Angels825-3-02ThursdayExeter
Exeter, PinhoeS Michael & All Angels810-0-19 Exeter
Exeter, TopshamS Margaret610-0-23ThursdayAylesbeare
Exmouth, LittlehamSS Margaret & Andrew87-2-11MondayAylesbeare
Exmouth, Withycombe RaleighS John Evangelist1217-1-10MondayAylesbeare
FarwayS Michael & All Angels611-0-14ThursdayEast
FenitonS Andrew69-0-0 approxFridayEast
FremingtonS Peter68-3-19ThursdayNorth/North West
GalmptonHoly Trinity66-0-0 South West
GittishamS Michael511-0-0 approx East
HalbertonS Andrew617-2-6WednesdayNorth East
HatherleighS John Baptist813-2-6WednesdayExeter
HemyockS Mary617-3-12ThursdayNorth East
Holcombe RogusAll Saints613-1-16WednesdayNorth East
HonitonS Paul812-2-27WednesdayEast
Honiton, Old ChS Michael622-2-0 approx East
HuntshamAll Saints88-0-27MondayNorth East
KellyS Mary Virgin68-0-0 approx South West
KilmingtonS Giles610-1-4WednesdayEast
KingskerswellS Mary87-0-3WednesdayMid Devon
LapfordS Thomas of Canterbury612-0-0 approxFridayExeter
LiftonS Mary821-0-16MondaySouth West
LuppittS Mary810-3-21 East
LympstoneNativity of Blessed Virgin612-0-0 approxWednesdayAylesbeare
MemburySt John the Baptist614-3-19MondayEast
Newton St CyresS Cyr & S Julitta812-3-22 Exeter
NorthleighS Giles49-0-0 approx East
OakfordSt Peter812-1-11MondayNorth East
OffwellS Mary Virgin67-3-9 East
Ottery St MaryS Mary Virgin818-2-14MondayEast
PayhemburyS Mary the Virgin615-3-22TuesdayEast
PlymouthMinster Church of S Andrew1030-3-6TuesdaySouth West
PlymouthS Budeaux612-0-25MondaySouth West
Plymouth, Compton GiffordEmmanuel819-3-14ThursdaySouth West
Plymouth, LairaS Mary Virgin811-0-6 South West
Plymouth, Stoke DamerelS Andrew84-2-12WednesdaySouth West
RackenfordAll Saints614-2-8WednesdayNorth East
Sampford SpineyS Mary65-3-19WednesdaySouth West
ShirwellS Peter611-2-20MondayNorth/North West
ShobrookeS Swithin612-2-10ThursdayExeter
ShuteS Michael65-1-26MondayEast
SidburySS Peter & Giles816-1-23ThursdayEast
SidmouthS Nicholas1018-2-12TuesdayEast
SilvertonS Mary816-0-11ThursdayNorth East
SowtonS Michael & All Angels89-1-25 Aylesbeare
Stoke CanonS Mary Magdalene69-3-19MondayExeter
StokeinteignheadS Andrew610-0-3MondayMid Devon
StoodleighS Margaret67-0-3 North East
Sydenham DamerelS Mary69-0-0 approx South West
TavistockS Eustachius1024-0-5TuesdaySouth West
TeignmouthS James Less812-2-17 Mid Devon
TeignmouthS Michael822-1-0TuesdayMid Devon
ThorvertonS Thomas of Canterbury1015-0-4WednesdayExeter
TivertonS Paul68-3-5FridayNorth East
TivertonS Peter825-2-18TuesdayNorth East
Torquay, St MarychurchS Mary Virgin1017-1-24TuesdayMid Devon
Torquay, UptonS Mary Magdalene814-2-12ThursdayMid Devon
UffculmeS Mary Virgin821-3-6ThursdayNorth East
UffculmeThe Piglet Ring820lb 10oz North East
UpotteryS Mary Virgin617-2-14 East
WalkhamptonSt Mary V67-3-13WednesdaySouth West
WhitchurchS Andrew611-1-8FridaySouth West
WolboroughS Mary815-3-27FridayMid Devon
WoodburyS Swithun823-2-21 Aylesbeare