The events calendar is available for download/import into personal electronic devices. Using the links below please download the calendar(s) that you require. The calendar of "all years" includes all events in the database for ALL years (past and future). Otherwise, you can download just the events for the year you require.

Branch Year (with no. of events)
Guild events(all years)2024 (16)
Aylesbeare events(all years)2024 (11)
East events(all years)2024 (39)
Exeter events(all years)2024 (10)
Mid Devon events(all years)2024 (17)
North East events(all years)2024 (34)
South West events(all years)2024 (21)2025 (1)

An .ics file is a universal calendar format used by several email and calendar programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Windows Calendar, Google Calendar, and Apple iCal/iCalendar. It enables the publishing and sharing of calendar information on the Web and over email.

The file is also compatibile, either directly or indirectly (via proprietary software), with many smartphones and tablet devices.

Please read the Calendar Download User Guide for help on how to use the file(s).