The National 'Survival and Recovery Toolbox

This includes suggestions on all aspects of Ringing Recovery and is produced by the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) and the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR)
A recent addition to the Toolbox is this 'checklist' of suggestions of things you may wish to consider when planning a return to ringing - This may be used as a working document or to just provide ideas
'Survival and Recovery Newssheets'
Produced by the ART/CCCBR collaboration
Ringing Recovery Exercises
Produced by the Guild of Devonshire Ringers to help ringers prepare physically for a return to ringing
Tower Captains' Checklist
Developed by the Ringing Recovery Workgroup to assist Tower Captains when planning a return to ringing for their tower. It includes suggestions regarding things you may wish to consider when preparing bells, ringing chambers, ringers and local communities for a return to ringing
Ringing Recovery Convention
Recordings from the Ringing Recovery Convention, organised by ART and CCCBR, held in May 2021. Members of the Ringing Recovery Workgroup have attended these sessions, so please ask us if you have any queries.
A useful Q+A session about Coronavirus and Returning to Ringing
Useful presentations about building relationships:
Useful talk about things to consider when preparing your tower for ringing again - from cleaning ringing chambers & checking bells and fittings to updating noticebords, risk assessments and mandatory training:
A useful presentation that explains how we learn and what we can expect when ringers of all levels return to ringing. Also discusses how to manage any possible discrepancies between theory/method knowledge and bell handling/striking. Useful for everyone - not just ringing 'teachers'. There are also some good ideas for ringing exercises to try:
Useful tips on recruiting new ringers... and keeping the ones you have!
Lots of suggestions of things to consider and what to plan before beginning a recruitment campaign
Suggestions regarding how to run a successful practice and thoughts about what things make a 'good' practice...
A useful insight into the experience of developing the 'Loddon Ringing Hub'
A presentation describing the development of the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing and the development of teaching in the Ledbury Branch of the Herefordshire Guild. Two very different areas and contrasting methodologies, but both very successful.
Guidance from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
Ringing guidance for the period from Monday 19 July has now been agreed with the House of Bishops Recovery Group and a summary is available using the link below. Restrictions have largely been released at this time when Government is stressing personal responsibility, although there is still guidance on such matters as facemasks in certain circumstances, and the importance of ventilation in towers. There are no longer restrictions on how long you ring for, or with how many other people (Ref: CCCBR website)
Coronavirus, Biosafety and Ventilation in Towers
An hour long presentation from the Truro Guild
Resources for Local Communities and Public Relations
The Ringing Recovery Workgroup Presentation
The presentation given to ringers at the Guild's workshop events held on 10th and 15th May 2021.