South West Branch

Brentor ChurchThe towers that are affiliated to the South West Branch cover a large area of West and South West Devon stretching from Lifton in the North West to Salcombe in the South East, encompassing Plymouth and Tavistock. We have 19 towers and about 90 members ranging in age from pre-teens to octogenarians. Because of the distances between the towers we do not all get together that often but use email for keeping in touch and for the circulation of important information.

We have 2 outings a year, one in Spring and one in Autumn, and regular branch events including a 10 bell practice. The branch practices are designed to ensure that a broad range of ringing is covered in order to try to cater for all levels and needs. Across the branch the ringing at tower practice nights can range from call changes to Surprise Methods. As a Branch we would encourage any ringer, or indeed tower, to contact any of the branch officers if we can be of help with learning a particular method, improving striking or anything else.

The younger members in the Plymouth area combine with the Plymouth University students and meet on a more regular basis as part of a group known as The Modern Society of Plymouth Youths (PYs)

If you are thinking of taking up ringing as a hobby, starting at Plymouth University or are an existing ringer visiting the area then please do not hesitate to make contact with the branch secretary who will be able to assist.

Members at Modbury for the Spring Outing 2023