Welcome to the Guild's Recruitment and Retention workgroup page.


The Guild is looking to secure the future of ringing in Devon for the next generation of ringers. In 2023 a new workgroup was constituted and is made up of representatives from across the Guild.

The workgroup is very much in step with the CCCBR Project 2030. The workgroup's priorities are:

  1. To encourge and support branches and towers to hold ongoing recruitment activities.
  2. To help retain new ringers and encourage their election to the Guild.
  3. To encourage branches to hold additional training activities aimed at the newest learners to help them progress in rounds, basic call changes and raising and lowering.
  4. To encourage the integration of new members into the wider ringing community and to take full advantage of the activities provided by their branch and the Guild.
  5. To follow up with new learners and receive feedback on their ringing experiences and to understand what they need to continue to progress in their ringing.
  6. To support branch ringing masters and other branch officers involved with training and progressing learners.
  7. To support the Publicity Officer and Education Officer with the creation of new recruitment and retention publicity resources and educational activies.

This page will be updated regularly with various resources that aim to help individuals, towers and branches plan for all things recruitment and retention related.

The pandemic Recovery workgroup was closed having successfully achieved its aims although the useful recovery resources are still available.


Latest News

Please read the Guild's Recruitment and Retention Workgroup ringing survey of the towers affiliated to the Guild.


Be Involved

The workgroup would be grateful to receive feedback or new ideas of what could be done to help branches and towers with recruitment and retention. We are also looking for representatives for the Exeter and North/North West branches to join the workgroup.

Contact details can be found below.



Expressions of interest v1.1

Summary for Guild Committee Meeting January 2022

Report for AGM June 2022

Summary for Guild Committee Meeting January 2023


Group Members

We would like to have representation from all the branches of the Guild. If you would like to request help or support from the workgroup or would like to join please contact the chair.


Chair & Southwest BranchPhil Dunn
President & Exeter BranchTim Bayton
ART & Northeast BranchLes Boyce
Southwest BranchDaniel Calvert
Aylesbeare BranchMargaret Elms
Education Officer & Southwest BranchSue King
Publicity Officer & Mid Devon Branch (Treasurer)Nicola Jones
Northeast BranchSheila Scofield
Exeter BranchVacant
North/Northwest BranchVacant