The Aylesbeare branch practice headed back to Aylesbeare church for the first time in 5 years last night. There were various reasons for such a long lapse between visits such as concentrating on 8 bell ringing, masonary narrowly missing a ringer last time we went and the poor "go" of the bells.

So following maintenance work that was carried out by Guild members we decided it was time to return.  This proved to be a very popular decision with 20 branch members in attendance. Not bad for a branch numbering only 50 ish members.

We rang all sorts, from call changes to Primrose Surprise Minor and the usual stuff in between.  Our ringing master, Keith Copestake, did an excellent job keeping things moving on such a busy night but with so many there I'm sure one or two didn't get as many rings as they would ideally have liked.   However, there was real progress to be seen in the ringing that took place.

It seems that a dark, wet night in March, with the threat of Coronavirus all about, did nothing to stop our highest branch practice attendance in years. Perhaps it was the threat of being prisoners in our own homes soon that brought so many out, but let's hope the revival of our branch continues for years to come.