Mid-Devon Tower Talk - Sep 21

Return to ringing celebration Saturday 4th September

When planning this event much thought was given to which tower would be most suitable. In the event the choice of Stokeinteignhead could not have been better. By late morning preparations were well under way so that all was in readiness by the time everyone started to arrive at 2.30. The whole idea was a relaxed return to ringing with lots of socialising, some ringing and a couple of novelties. We do hope everyone felt that we really had achieved this in full measure. The refreshment stall was heaving with cakes donated by Stokeinteignhead ringers and friends – probably the most popular feature of the day!

Good publicity for the event had been given by several local news sources including MPs news blogs. We know of at least 4 people who came because they had seen one of these items. Good ventilation was provided to improve safety and the whole church was available for social distancing. Ringing was carried out for most of the afternoon but it was very clear that to many it was the chance to meet and catch up again that was the main attraction. Good use was also made of six handbells and Martin's portable simulator so that several courses of Surprise major could be heard – possibly a first for Stokeinteignhead!

Several ringers were new to Stoke bells and seemed suitably impressed. These included Jill and Mike Wigney, now resident in Bovey Tracey and Harry Grange who now lives in Stoke Fleming. (many thanks to Neville for transporting Mike to and from the ringing room!). With Lynne Hughes as well it meant that we heard some very high quality handbell ringing from real experts. Several others took the opportunity of ringing with these experienced handbell ringers. Even so it was often difficult to hear any of the bells over the excited buzz of conversation and we all enjoyed the chance of catching up after so long without face-to-face contact.

Our Chairman (Dr Rodney Horder) called for a brief lull in the chatter to welcome everyone (well over 30!) and conduct a very short business meeting. The main item being the election of new members – Trevor Heal (Kingskerswell) and John Stern (Teignmouth). He also explained, with one of his many hats on (he must be a milliners dream!!) as parish treasurer, that donations from the day would be going towards church expenses. In the event members were extremely generous and £120 was raised. Many of us going home laden with cakes!
To say that the organisers were pleased is a definite under-statement. The day was even better than our wildest hopes. Thankyou all for such wonderful support – more to come!

Many thanks to Jill Wigney, and Peter Bailey for these – they comment "the last one doesn't do justice to the number of people who were there!" Perhaps they were all round the cake stall!

Quote from Marie Cross – well known teacher of ringing

As many of you know, I am an avid reader of old copies of the Ringing World. I found this quote from about 20 years ago in the obituary of Marie Cross, a very skilled teacher of ringing

"I have been running a remedial group for ringers who wish to improve their ringing. This has proved most instructive and drives home the importance of not rushing the early stages of teaching handling and listening – particularly in the older learner, further there is a great need to ensure that the beginner understands what you really mean and not what he or she thinks you mean. There is a need for constant watch on a beginner's handling during the early months of ringing for it is then, when a beginner is starting to ring changes etc. that many handling faults develop which are a handicap to future progress".

Great words of wisdom!!!

Future events

Heritage Open Days Saturday 11th September


The church and tower will be open from 10-00pm for most of the day with a Quarter Peal attempt at about 4.0pm to welcome back walkers on a sponsored walk.
Philip will be delighted to see any ringers who would like to help out during the day.

Teignmouth St James
The tower will be open to publicise ringing from 11.00 until 12.oo noon.

The tower will be open during the afternoon.

Martin Dodd memorial ringing Saturday 25th September

You should have had full details of this exciting day already. One or two rarer towers on the list so do try and get to some or all of the day. Martin was a very loyal member of the Branch and Deanery for all his ringing life – this day is intended as a fitting tribute to him – sounds great!