Mid-Devon Tower Talk - Jun/Jul 21

Martin Dodd

Thanks to Julia Brett for-

We are sorry to say that the Memorial Service for Martin Dodd on 21st July has been cancelled due to lockdown restrictions remaining longer than anticipated. Instead, Ann and the family would like a Celebratory Ringing Day in order to remember Martin through the ringing which he loved.

The Teignmouth Band of Ringers will be opening both the Teignmouth towers to ringers on 25th September. However, we would also like to invite towers in our locality to open on the 25th September in order to allow visiting ringers to travel around and ring as if they are on an outing. We know that Martin would have loved this. Certainly, our band look forward to ringing with as many visitors as possible. With this in mind, we invite both Guild and Kenn Deanery towers to join us in our celebration of Martin and the ringing he loved.

Obviously, if covid and CCCBR regulations / reccomendations do not support this date, we will move it. But, we trust that the world will be a better place by the end of September.

All interested towers please contact Julia....before she contacts you.

This sounds an exciting idea and we look forward to sending more details nearer the time. We know that many branch members will be keen to be involved so please put the date in your diaries

Returning to towers

The gradual relaxation of restrictions has led to more ringing "for real". Many towers are now ringing again on Sundays (up to six bells) and some limited practice ringing has taken place. At St Marychurch a flyer was posted to houses near the church letting the residents know that practices would resume at the end of June. Once we knew that the expected lifting of restrictions was postponed to the end of July (we hope!!) permission was granted, by the vicar, for 45 minutes ringing on Tuesday evenings. To ringers 45 mins means one thing! So, Quarter Peal attempts have been planned for the remaining Tuesdays. The first of these saw us knocking some rust off Bob Doubles with a welcome return to quarter peal ringing for Jeanette Thompson, Keith Fursdon and Graham Crouch. http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1449885 

Cambridge Minor the following week did not fare so well – not quite sure what went wrong but it came to an abrupt end with 8 leads to go. The ringing up to that point had been good. Two more attempts to go..... This has meant that our "audience" can get used to a shorter period of ringing before we resume full length practices

Ringingroom practices

We know that several towers have found these to be an invaluable way of keeping some sort of ringing going. It is inevitable that they will be less common once we are back ringing again. The last Tuesday practice at St Marychurch on Ringingroom was interesting. If you asked most learners what their next method after Plain Bob Doubles was, not many would reply that it was an obscure surprise minor method! But... That was the case for two ringers in the band. A few weeks ago Janet Ritterman mentioned that she had come across Old Torquay Surprise Minor. This immediately sparked interest. A course of it was rung for Sunday service on 6th June but that did not satisfy the band. Eventually the tower captain agreed that we could try it in Ringingroom. Rarely has he been so surprised when a course came round! Just to prove it was not a fluke we rang it again. Admittedly, most of the band were using the diagram to keep them right but it really shows what can be achieved on this new and exciting platform. Ringers were Jeanette Thompson, Janet Ritterman, Catherine Saunders, Neville Stanford, David Witchell and Martin Mansley (treble!)

Stokeinteignhead practices have also seen some excellent results and may require augmentation of their bells before long! Courses of Plain Bob, Grandsire and Single Oxford Triples have become quite common and even a touch of Bob Triples was scored last week. They too have been delighted to get back in the tower on Sundays

Future events

Once we are sure about the return to our towers the branch committee will look at a short programme for the end of the year. As yet we don't know what will be allowed. We know that many of us will not be sorry to see the end of ringing in masks!!

As we look forward to returning to real ringing once more please keep us in touch with what you are getting up to. Enjoy your ringing!

Martin Mansley