Mid Devon Branch Return to Ringing

Removal of restrictions

We are delighted to report that ringing has returned in some form to most of our branch towers. A Tower by Tower report below

Berry Pomeroy

One practice has been held. The ringers were enthusiastic to be back and two local (non-ringing) residents expressed pleasure that the bells were ringing again. The clock is now wound electrically and up-to-date lighting made the tower very welcoming. A variety of methods were successfully achieved with most ringers feeling they had lost no skills during the lay-off.


Sunday ringing has resumed although no practices are planned at present.

Bovey Tracey

Sunday and practice ringing has resumed and Chris, their captain, was delighted to report that their numbers had increased during lock-down with some very experienced ringers moving into the town. Locals have said how pleased they are to hear the bells again.


Sunday and practice ringing has resumed with no limits on numbers. Lynne, their captain, reports that they make good use of the "Eyes of Dawlish" facebook page. This has included news items and short video clips. Feedback has been very positive with many "likes".

Kingskerswell / Coffinswell

Philip reports that Sunday and practice ringing is back. Their first practice with increased numbers was rather a victim of the very hot weather! Their next one was better attended. Again, they have had much positive feedback.

Teignmouth towers

Julia reports that both Sunday and practice nights have resumed. Their second practice became service ringing for the institution of their new vicar. At this, all eight bells were rung, mainly to call changes, but finishing with Plain Bob Doubles with 768 covering.
The main practice was then transferred to St James. They are busy planning a day of ringing as a memorial to their tower captain, Martin Dodd, in September.

St Marychurch

For once, having a long staircase up to our ringing room is a good thing!! This acts as a chimney and with our tower door and windows open we get excellent ventilation!
Sunday and practice night ringing has been enthusiastically re started with 9 ringers for the first practice and 11 for the second. We even managed half a course of Yorkshire at our second practice. We were delighted to see Russell and Caroline Chamberlain, now back in the branch and living in Dawlish.


Sunday ringing has resumed, and real live practices are planned from 9th August. However, their ringingroom practices are still popular and very successful.


One service has been rung for and practices are planned to resume from 12th August. Storm damage to the ringing room has been repaired and a working party has cleaned up the ensuing mess. The church has completed an extensive restoration project including work on the spire.


No service ringing yet but practices have resumed, and they hope to have an experienced ringer joining them very soon.

So, altogether, a very encouraging picture.