Mid-Devon Branch Practice - 8 Jan 22

The first Mid-Devon practice of 2022 is at Bishopsteignton on Saturday 8th January at 19:00

We will try a "fun" method for this practice – Double Dunkirk Bob Minor
https://rsw.me.uk/blueline/methods/view/Double_Dunkirk_Bob_Minor  It is one of the methods in the new "Purple Book" reviewed in Tower Talk a little while ago


It can be rung  as Double Stedman and you need to be able to ring upside down!! Basically the inside bells ring Stedman slow work right way up in 1 – 3 and upside down in 4 – 6. The treble plain hunts and acts as quick bell.

As usual, there will be plenty of other methods to suite all levels of experience. This year we would like to encourage people to conduct so if you fancy having a try at conducting please let us know. It can be as basic as 120 or plain course of Bob Doubles – whatever you are working on.

The door will be kept open for ventilation so be ready to dress up warm!