News from Berry Pomeroy

A Chink of Light

I recently contacted the church authorities at Berry Pomeroy regarding maintenance in the tower. I know that by now the ringing room floor and all horizontal surfaces will be covered with a copious layer of paint flakes and grit, which despite our best efforts continue to cascade from the walls. I am also concerned to check on the condition of the ropes and to establish how much bird detritus may have got through the louvre netting into the belfry. The reply was really good news: with the further slight relaxation of lockdown restrictions, discussions on how and when to open churches are beginning within the Totnes Team, but in the meantime guidelines do now allow inspection and maintenance to take place in church buildings, subject to the usual distancing and hygiene requirements. It has been confirmed that this means I can go to inspect and to carry out whatever cleaning I am willing to do in the tower. I plan to go up next week, accompanied by my manager, Hilary, from whom I have unsuccessfully been trying to maintain social distancing during lockdown. It will be a big relief to be able to keep an eye on things regularly. I imagine the relaxation applies throughout the Totnes Deanery but I don't know whether it is general.

English Country Gardens

Since the start of lockdown Nichola, Church Warden at Berry Pomeroy, has been circulating by email garden photos sent in by members of the congregation. This spring has been a really good one for garden flowers, provided you have been willing to do a bit of watering: roses seem to have done spectacularly well. We have had lovely shots of individual flowers and more general garden shots, from places as diverse as the inland locations of Berry Pomeroy and Marldon to more coastal sites at Paignton and Brixham. They really have helped to brighten our days during lockdown.

Mike Tompsett