Mid-Devon Tower Talk - December 2020

Ringingroom practices


Regular Monday practices have continued throughout the summer and Autumn. A core of ringers have really got to grips with this new technology as a means of progress but also (importantly) as a focus for regular catch-ups. Most of the ringing has been on six bells with occasional eight bell ringing including successful courses of Plain Bob and Grandsire Triples. Recently the complete set of eight St Simons / St Nicholas Doubles methods has been rung. An attempt for St Andrews Doubles on St Andrew's Day was sadly thwarted by the technology. Yes! Of course, we look forward to the time we will ring again for real but while this is not possible we have really enjoyed a different challenge.

St Marychurch

Regular Tuesday practices have been kept up and we mainly ring on eight bells. It is true that it has taken an inordinate length of time to achieve a plain course of Bob Major on the platform but we have persevered and it has often been internet or other technological problems that have thwarted us but there was a terrific cheer when we finally got to the end of that final lead! Bastow on 8 has been much more successful and recently we had enough to try it on 10. The shorter course does help to raise the chances of success and it is a method we will definitely add to our repertoire once we get back in the tower. Plain hunt Royal has also featured.

During the brief period when ringing was allowed we rang each Sunday and most Wednesdays for services. Using couples we were able to ring six bells which was a vast improvement on the alternate bells (5) that we started with. The short length of time (15 mins) that we were allowed was ideal for those who were coming back to the tower after a long break and it was great to have Jeanette and Catherine ringing again. The Wednesday ringing was followed by a return to the Driftwood Café where we were warmly welcomed – it was a regular venue after Thursday Tied bell practices in the past.


Thanks to Lynne Hughes for –
Dawlish ringers have been keeping in touch with WhatsApp and Zoom, and have lately added in Ringing Room, albeit with a few weeks sorting out the technology. Anne and Kevin jumped into their first 'inside' method ringing with Bastow Minimus, followed swiftly by Bastow Minor. They enjoyed all the dodging practice you get in it!

Branch Zoom meeting

For much of the summer we held fortnightly meetings with a variety of presentations. We have not held one for some time so it would be good to have another one. The Guild held a very successful meeting where members explained some of the things they had been getting up to during lockdown. The range was extensive and we know that several branch members did not take part. We are well aware of a wealth of material out there so we would like to set up our own exhibition. The range is up to you. Have you been doing more in the garden or some craft or art work? We are open to anything you think would interest our members. The range is potentially huge so please have a think about showing your work to the rest of us. Please send your ideas in the first place to Martin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can join in and explain some of the background or just send photos – it is up to you. We don't have a date yet but once we have some ideas we will let you know when we plan to "go live"! Probably in the New Year. Even if you put something in the Guild presentation, it would still be of interest to branch members.