Mid-Devon Tower Talk - April 2020

Social Distancing Edition

With nothing to report from our branch activities it may seem strange to be producing another Tower Talk with little to talk about! But, it is even more important to try to keep in touch during these strange times. 

Keeping ringing in mind

Despite no tower bell ringing going on ringers are very ingenious and are always looking for ways of improvising.

Handbell ringing

It is obvious that there are many ringing families out there and most of the performances on Bellboard are on handbells within the same household.

Debbie's Quarter Peal

Our own branch secretary, Nigel Birt, is a case in point. His wife Debbie has had a demanding career in nursing and hasnever followed Nigel up the tower although she has always been supportive of his ringing. Retirement and now the forced isolation has given her an opportunity – hence these two performances (so far!!).

Many congratulations, Debbie and Nigel. We look forward to watching your progress.

Virtual ringing

Several attempts have been made to ring remotely although sound lag seems to be the biggest obstacle. A new initiative may be the breakthrough. https://ringingroom.com/ 
https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1343314 This 720 seems to have been the longest length achieved so far but it is at a very early stage of development

Rosie's progress

One of the problems of isolation is finding someone to ring with without breaking the rules. Is a robot the way forward? We look forward to seeing how this develops. Graham Firman has designed Rosie the robot and coupled it (her?) up to Abel. The first results are promising. https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1341535 

Tower initiatives

Several WhatsApp groups have been set up to try to keep in contact. I would be very interested to have reports about your own tower group. The St Marychurch group has posted most days but the activities are mainly non-ringing. However, it has become evident that there is plenty of talent in the group and we have seen examples of painting, Lace making, Quilt making and woodwork to mention a few. Let us know what you have been getting up to.

Keeping up the skills during Lockdown - Theory work

Learning methods and working out touches is something that you could try. There are thousands of methods out there and plenty of programs and Apps to help. On the other hand you can learn a lot by old fashioned pen and paper. At the recent theory course we did a session on place notation and just working through writing out methods in this way teaches a tremendous amount about method construction. If you would like to have a try, we have attached the paper used on the course. There are many collections in place notation but the largest is at https://cccbr.github.io/methods-library/index.html 

We would be keen to hear how you get on.

Video of Kingsnympton Bellringers

Thanks to Anne Bailey who forwarded this link to a video about the call change band at Kingsnympton
Hope you find it interesting

Extract from the Ringing World

We are grateful to Mike Tompsett who passed on a copy of a page from the Ringing World for 1958 which includes a feature about peals at St Michael's Teignmouth. Very apposite following the recent peal there