Branch AGM – Dawlish

A rather disappointing turn-out for this one but a warm welcome none the less. Ringing took place before the service and covered a variety of methods. The service was conducted by the Rev Dallas Ayling who thanked ringers for all the work done to remind the public that the church is "in business". The hymns were sung lustily and a course of Bob Minor on handbells was rung by Nigel Birt, Lynne Hughes and Martin Mansley.

The Dawlish ringers had laid on a sumptuous tea which was much enjoyed. The meeting was in the hands of Our Chairman, Dr Rodney Horder. In his opening remarks he thanked all at Dawlish for the excellent arrangements and everyone for attending making special mention of Charlotte Boyce and John Martin (Guild Treasurer and Secretary, respectively). He also mentioned Janet Ritterman from our own branch who was attending also as Guild Ringing Master for this year. He remarked that it was disappointing that for the second time this year a branch tower had fixed its outing for the same day as a branch event. He asked tower captains to avoid dates when there is a branch event in the future.


St Marychurch Tower Captain, Martin Mansley, receiving the Edden Clapper Trophy from Chairman, Rodney Horder

These are not the official minutes but a few points from the meeting were –

  • The Eddon Clapper Trophy for progress in a branch tower was awarded to St Marychurch.
  • A New Tower had asked to become a branch tower and Bovey Tracey was unanimously admitted to the branch along with four new members.
  • The branch officers were re elected but our Treasurer, Fiona Rock Evans, had stated that she would like to stand down. As no-one had come forward for the post it was agreed that the committee would continue to look for a candidate who could then be co-opted until an election could be held.
  • The Secretary and Ringing Master both reported on a successful year for the branch.
  • It was agreed that a number of celebrations would be held in the next twelve months as the branch marks 100 years of existence. A ringing day with a lunch was proposed for January and a branch peal will be attempted. It was also suggested that a quarter peal should be attempted in all the branch towers.

The suggested programme for the year was circulated and it was pointed out that it was proposed that three training events should be held. These to be a workshop on listening skills and basic theory, one on basic methods (plain Hunt and Plain Bob) and the ever popular raising and lowering. The programme has been published on the Guild website.