Kingskerwell Bells at Nicholson's

A coach has been organised to go from Kingskerswell to Bridport to see our augmented bells in their new frame on Monday 12th August. As we have a few seats left, you are invited to join us on this trip. The coach will leave Kingskerswell church at 9am and we will be back at about 4pm, and the cost will be about £15 per head. We will stop in Bridport before going to the Nicholson Engineering workshop at 11am for up to 2 hours. We will then go back into Bridport for lunch before returning to Kingskerswell.

There will in fact only be 7 bells in the frame as we have had problems with the old 3rd bell. A crack was discovered in the crown and was welded by Soundweld in Norfolk. However, after returning the bell to the bell hanger, the tuning process uncovered enormous areas of porosity and voids in the soundbow. A decision on whether to recast or acquire a 2nd hand bell from the Keltek Trust has still to be made.

I do hope that we can welcome some of you on our trip.

Philip Stevens
Tower Captain
01803 873562
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