Extract from Mid-Devon Tower Talk - June 2019

Branch mini-outing to the Culm Valley

The tradition of well organised mini-outings by our Chairman continued again this year. Rodney had organised 5 towers for us. A warm and sunny afternoon saw us converging on Burlescombe. This fairly heavy six was soon going to a variety of methods but plenty of rounds and call changes as well – very much the pattern for the afternoon as we were delighted to see quite a few less experienced ringers. In the end we had 25 of us – unprecedented!!

Next was Holcome Rogus where the beautiful church and village were much admired. Our only ring of 8 were next and Mike Hatchett gave us a very warm welcome to the Troyte ringing centre at Huntsham. These are a fairly light eight which took a little time to get used to but we eventually managed to add Stedman Triples and three spliced surprise major to our repertoire. Uplowman ringers had left us to let ourselves in but we were delighted to find the makings of tea and coffee (and biscuits!) waiting for us to enjoy – a very thoughtful gesture which was very popular after a hard afternoon's ringing! Our final tower was Harberton and here we were let in by the Church warden but the fifth rope was obviously not in the right place. A phone call showed that there had been a communication break-down and we were not expected and the bells were out of action. A disappointment but all was not lost as we were then able to get to the Hickory Inn earlier than expected. This is an American themed pub and a long table was soon filled with very tasty food, temporarily silencing the animated conversation!!

Thank you to Rodney for his organisation but also to the rest of the branch for such a great response – again we saw several faces we don't see too often – It is clear that our publicity machine is working, be it Tower Talk, Facebook, Twitter or the Website. We look forward to welcoming you to more events.


Outing1.jpeg             Outing2.jpg

Sheila Horder

You will remember that Sheila (Stokeinteignhead and wife of our Chairman) broke her wrist recently and has been out of ringing. When Cathy French, a close friend, died Sheila was determined that she would ring for the funeral. A few practice tries and she felt that it was definitely possible. In the event she managed some excellent ringing which included 10 minutes of superbly struck Plain Bob Doubles as the family left the grave. Welcome back, Sheila!

 Derek and Maureen Hawkins

We send our very best wishes to Derek and Maureen on their Diamond Wedding. A peal was rung in a new method at Dawlish to celebrate – seehttps://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1295333 Derek and Maureen have been great supporters of the Guild for very many years and are both Guild vice presidents. We send them hearty congratulations!


Michael Barnicott-White

We see from last week’s ringing world that Michael has had a difference of opinion with a bell rope resulting in a couple of broken fingers. We send him very best wishes for a speedy recovery and swift return to ringing.  Michael added: "It is true what I said about my experience being a warning... if I had the rope coiled around my hand it would have been viscerally dramatic."