Upton Outing

Don Roberts had once again organised an ambitious programme for his ringers and supporters. Starting at the pleasant six at Yealmpton next stop was just along the road at Brixton which are a little more challenging so perhaps training for the next tower! Holbeton are important in Devon History as the Guild's first peal of Minor (PB) followed by the first peal of Cambridge S Minor were rung here. They have a long draught and don't go too well these days. To recover, lunch was taken here and much enjoyed. The twisted spire at Ermington was next on the agenda and everyone enjoyed looking round the church where the daughters of a previous incumbent were responsible for the ornate carving. Probably the highlight of the day was Modbury which are a glorious 17cwt 6. A treat on the way back to the car was a sign outside a house offering apples to anyone who wanted them. An enjoyable refreshment on the way to the final tower at Kingston. The day had been one of nostalgia for Ernie Pryce and was capped for him when old friend Harry Bardens came along to ring at this final tower. Many thanks to Don for yet another excellent day.