Extract from Mid-Devon Tower Talk - Nov 18

October Six bell Practice – Ideford
What a joy it is to visit a tower with an active band but also one which is obviously closely allied to the aim of its congregation. On our visit to Ideford we were told that there is a threat to long term use of the church as a place of worship. One of their schemes is to have the bells rung as often as possible and our visit contributed to that. A good turn-out kept the bells ringing despite the ringers being regularly plied with tea, coffee and other refreshments! The ringing included the methods of the month (Surfleet and Little Bob Minor) and plenty of Call Changes. It was very pleasing that some members of the local band either renewed their acquaintance with method ringing or tried it for the first time.
Very many thanks to the Ideford ringers – We'll be back!!

Ringing to mark the centenary of the First World war
We have heard many reports of ringing to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. There have also been many reports of new ringers taking part in their first ringing for a special occasion – particularly poignant with the muffles on. Somehow, ringers always pull out the stops for these special occasions and the ringing is of a really high standard. Almost all branch towers reported extra ringing for the occasion with much of it appearing on Belboard – we understand the national response to this event caused the website to crash on the evening of the 11th November as everyone rushed to record their ringing – a truly magnificent response by ringers.

November 8 bell practice – Upton
It is some time since we visited Upton so it was a great pleasure to visit and discover that work has recently been carried out to improve these bells – the third particularly is much improved and the fact that the 7 and 8 are being rung more regularly seems to have really made them go much better. Quite a variety of methods was rung including Double Norwich with Don Roberts (tower captain) particularly pleased to reaquaint himself with a favourite method. Other ringing ranged from call changes to Stedman Triples. A very enjoyable evening and we thank the Upton ringers for their warm welcome.