Mid-Devon Teignmouth Outing

Only a week after heavy snow had again brought the South West to a halt, the weather was slightly better for the Teignmouth ringers and friends on their visit to North Cornwall. First stop was the town of Launceston where the eight bells at St Mary's were much enjoyed. The pretty church of St Thomas was next stop where the ringing room was "cosy" even if the temperature wasn't!. Several ringers had problems, at first, with the very small circle, but eventually mastered these "interesting" bells. St Clether were another "interesting" ring where it was felt best to raise the bells individually after some odd sounds from above. Once up, however, no problems were found but the bells certainly needed pulling so it was a good job that lunch was next. The pub at Altarnum was ideal and a superb lunch was served and much enjoyed.


The afternoon started at the "honeypot" village of Tintagel where the church is some distance from the village so the poor weather proved an advantage as the walkers' car park was almost deserted. The bells are good and were much enjoyed. Lesnewth is an isolated community where we were shown the damage caused by the Boscastle floods – the stream running through the church yard had been eroded by several feet. Final tower was Otterham which were augmented from 3 to 6 in 2007 and were overwhelmingly voted best ring of the day – a course of Cambridge being one of the highlights. So, it was home to Teignmouth and an enjoyable evening meal at Censis. Very many thanks for the warm welcome and the superb organisation from Julia Brett.