Tower affiliation information

The benefits of tower affiliation to the Guild of Devonshire Ringers are :


  • Each affiliated tower shall receive a copy of the annual report, 4 copies of Ringing Round Devon and a Guild Affiliation Card each year
  • Affiliated towers requesting instruction may have the privilege of being taught by competent instructors appointed by the Guild, the expenses for such instructors and instruction to be paid by the members of the Guild or the Branch of the Guild
  • By completing this form an affiliated tower with no Guild members may consent to receive communications relating to activities and events organised by the Guild


Tower affiliation form for 2022

A representative of each tower is asked to complete and return a tower affiliation form along with their 2022 affiliation payment.

The easiest way to complete your affiliation form is via the online version which can be completed and submitted from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

2022 tower affiliation form

 The data you provide via the online form will be sent to the Guild Secretary and your Branch Secretary without any need for you to forward a form by email.

Please make your affiliation payment to your Branch Treasurer.

A paper form is available for completion by those members who have no access to be able to complete the online version.

If you complete a paper form you will need to return the completed form either to your Branch Secretary or directly to the Guild Secretary using the details provided on the form and your subscription payment to your Branch Treasurer.

Forms and payments should be submitted by 31st March 2022 at the latest.