Loans and photocopies/scans:

Guild members may borrow many items in the Guild Library. Photocopies or scans of pages from valuable or fragile documents can be supplied in response to requests for specific information - requests should be made to the Librarian. There is no charge for this service, but it may be necessary for members to pay postage to return loans. Details of the books available can be found in the Author Catalogue or Subject Catalogues on the Guild Library Catalogues page.

The Travelling Library Collections:Travelling Coll - Learners Liby2

 There are three travelling collections:

  • The Learner's Library
  • The Trainer's Library
  • The Conductor's Library

These contain many of the books and pamphlets currently on sale from the Central Council, The Whiting Society, Steve Coleman and other publishers.

They are primarily intended to offer a "see before you buy" service to individual members. The collections are taken to branch meetings from time to time, but may be requested by towers or branches on application to the Librarian.

On-line Publications:

Some ringing journal back-files, Guild Annual Reports and the Guild's first Peal Book can be accessed from the On-line Publications page. Some of the Guild's older ringing books are now available as E-books and links to these are included in the Guild Library Catalogues.

Research Facilities:

St Petrocks - research

Researchers can use the collections in the Guild Library at St. Petrock's, Exeter on advertised opening dates. There is power for laptop computer and internet access available. Most manuscript records and some print titles are stored off-site, so intending visitors are advised to enquire with the Librarian about the availability of specific items in advance.


The Librarian is pleased to receive requests for help with enquiries or for specific pieces of information. Photocopies or scanned copies can often be supplied. Liaison will also be made with the Central Council Library if necessary. The Librarian can be contacted: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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