2021 Events

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Mon 421:00-22:30Mancroft Ringing Discovery CentreThe Internet Arms
Mon 1821:00-22:30Lockdown wanderings and discoveriesThe Internet Arms
Mon 1821:00-22:30Virtually ringing - a selection of online ringing resourcesThe Internet Arms
Sat 3015:00How to Run an Online Practice in Ringing RoomZoom: Sign up with the Education Officer to receive the link
Sun 3114:30Abel and MobelZoom: Sign up with the Education Officer to receive the link
Mon 2221:00-22:30Inspired by The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. SayersThe Internet Arms
Mon 121:00-22:30Inspired by The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers (pt 2)The Internet Arms
Sat 1715:00-17:00Guild Library opensSt Petrock's, Exeter
Sat 2115:00-17:00Guild Library opensSt Petrock's, Exeter
Sat 1815:00-17:00Guild Library opensSt Petrock's, Exeter
Sat 915:00-17:00Guild Library opensSt. Petrock's, Exeter
Sat 1614:00-18:00Striking competitioon and introduction to judging sessionLaira
Sat 23Ringing Festival
Sun 24Ringing Festival
Mon 25Ringing Festival
Tue 26Ringing Festival
Wed 27Ringing Festival
Thu 28Ringing Festival
Fri 29Ringing Festival
Sat 30Ringing Festival
Sun 31Ringing Festival
Mon 1Ringing Festival
Tue 2Ringing Festival
Wed 3Ringing Festival
Thu 4Ringing Festival
Fri 5Ringing Festival
Sat 6Ringing Festival
Sun 7Ringing Festival
Sat 2014:00-17:00Exeter Branch AGMLapford
Sat 2015:00-17:00Guild Library opensSt. Petrock's, Exeter
Sat 1118:00-19:00Devon Ringers' Carol ServiceZoom