The annual festival this year runs from Friday 20th October until Sunday 5th November.

The object of the festival is to raise money for the Bell Restoration Fund. The amount raised has reduced over the last few years and it would be good to turn this around. Please try and arrange quarter peals for the Festival. If you need help in doing this the Branch and Guild officers would be glad to help.

A reminder, the suggested donations is £1 per ringer per quarter. All monies will be credited, through the Guild, to the Devon Churches Bell Restoration Fund. Donations should be collected by the Conductor of each quarter and forwarded to me (as Guild Quarter peal secretary). Please ensure that you include sufficient details that I can determine which quarter peal(s) the donation relates to. Individual ringers can gift aid to assist the restoration fund still further, the relevant forms can be found on the Guild Website. If you have already signed a perpetual gift aid there is no need to sign another.